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Amsterdam writers is a beautiful safe womb for creativity. I learnt so much there about the craft of writing but also about myself as a writer.

Free to explore without judgement, yet with constructive feedback, the exercises opened up a vault of hidden words and stories within me and within the other writers. I looked forward to Wednesday nights with great anticipation and always felt exhilarated afterwards that I'd extended and stretched myself as an artist.

Matthew's wonderful and unique exercises have given me a tool kit of questions and stimuli that I have taken away and can use at any time when writers block comes to visit.

Thank you Matthew for this gift, and for creating such a fabulous environment and posse of inspiring artists.
- Kim Farrant, Film Director/Writer

The workshops gave me the drive and confidence to experiment with literary forms and styles with reckless abandon. Matthew's varied and surprising exercises stimulated all the senses, and his encouragement and the opportunity to share the creative results with a like-minded group only made the will to create stronger.
- Rani Nugraha

Your course was one of the most positive, well-administered doses of creative stimulus I've experienced in a long time. Thanks for that.
- Sophie Jones

Your seemingly innocent exercises were Exocet missiles in disguise, all delivered low-key... I'm definitely interested in continuing for another 8 week cycle.
- Maggy van Krimpen

Thank you for your encouraging words about my writing. The workshop was a real stimulus and did make me think that it's time for me to stop THINKING about writing and actually get words down on paper.
- Louise Dunne

It's been inspiring to pick up the pen again these last couple of weeks... it's a real pleasure to work in the environment you create... you have a beautiful way of picking the best out of everyone's work... a gift all too rare these days in the critics' world.
- Erik-Jan van den Broek

Matthew is an inspiring teacher: kind, enthusiastic and patient. His own creativity and passion coupled with a sincere desire to enable others is obvious in his teaching.
- Christy Collins

Thank you for inspiring me and bringing writing back into my life.
- Anastasia Volkhovskaya

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